December 2017 – October 2018 – Performance tester & Consultant at Centric Sociaal Domein

Centric does in-house development on their Suites for the Social Domains in the Netherlands. Over the past year they have been working hard at building an easy to use, keyword driven test automation application, the Test Automation Wizard.

The ultimate goal is to not only execute automated functional test from within this tool, but also execute regular performance test from within this tool.

I have been tasked with building a reusable set of performance tests, comparable with the functional regression test set, which can run effectively across different versions of the application suite. The performance tests are initially hand built in Visual Studio Enterprise as WebTest tests as well as coded C# tests. After gaining more experience and insights in VS Performance Tests, as a company the decision has been made to use JMeter rather than Visual Studio moving forward.

Based on this initial test set we have worked on finding the easily reusable components of the tests which can be connected to the test automation wizard.

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