June 2018 – June 2019 – Test manager, Infra manager, Security Officer at DigiB – A Brenntag Company

At DigiB we shape the digital future of the chemical industry and design tools that help people do their jobs and run their businesses in the best possible way. Currently we are looking for a top junior tester to help us assure uninterrupted user experience on our digital platforms.

In June I was requested to do an assessment of the testing needs at DigiB and present a plan to the management team. My plan of how to setup testing, test automation, security testing as well as performance testing across different teams as well as across different regions was well recieved and I was invited by the management team to implement my plan.

Once the test team was in place, my focus shifted from setting up a team to converting the team into a smoothly running organization within DigiB with clear communication lines to Brenntag itself.

Testing is documented in a combination of Atlassian’s Jira, Confluence as well as TestRail.
Test automation is done on several levels, both with Postman and Newman as well as ProtractJS and Java with Selenium WebDriver. All code, including the test automation code, resides within a selfhosted GitLab.

The test team is key in both in-house testing of the applications as well as in coordinating, guiding and organizing the User Acceptance testing at the end-user sites across the globe.

Security and penetration testing happens on a regular basis, as well as code reviews of the different code basis.

Performance testing is executed based on a combination of JMeter (for the UI based parts) and Soap/LoadUI. The performance tests in DigiB are still in its infancy since we do not have any significant load. Main target of these tests has been to test bulk-loading data into the system, testing the message queues etc.

Besides my responsibilities for Testing and Quality Assurance I was also tasked with moving the infrastructure ahead into a more sustainable and stable setup. We moved from 1 infra engineer to a team of engineers, both external as well as internal headcounts. The infrastructure is fully cloud-hosted in GCE, running on Kubernetes.

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