September 2000 – April 2002 – Smarthaven B.V.

September 2000 – April 2002
role: Software Quality Assurance/Software Tester

Main tasks consist of creating and writing test plans and strategies for the software created. Testing the software on all levels, logging bugs and performing the bug tracking throughout the development cycles, doing research after Total Quality Management for the near future, I was also involved in keeping the build procedures up to date. Furthermore I held key roles in Configuration Management and Release Management processes. I maintained the bugtracking system (Bugzilla). As BuildMeister and QA I was moving the company towards an Extreme Programming environment. Making sure every piece of code has it’s own Unit test, helping introducing code conventions, Continuous Integration and testing the procedures within the company itself as well as the code being built
The environment involved a lot of Perl and Shell-scripts for testing and also Java testing tools. I here became very familiar with Jmeter, Junit, Jtest, HTTPUnit and SmartHaven also made proprietary test programs.
Mentoring several junior testers in learning the basic skills of testing and creating test plans and their understanding of Test Strategies.

  • Intelligent Agent Platform. Involved front-end, middle-wear and backend testing.
  • Subme. Involved front-end, middle-wear and backe-end testing. Subme was a web-based intelligent search engine. Based on search behaviour and the ratings to certain sites, subme would enhance the results you get from the web while searching.
  • Personalised Services Platform. This is a complete middle-wear solution, to be used as a communications platform for all media (wap, interactive TV, internet etc.) using xml.
  • Classification Engine. A J2EE component with a swing administration interface, classifies documents according to a pre-defined taxonomy. This piece of software consists of several individual components (TaxonomyManager, Classifier, Profiler and the Swing interface framework and several addins).
  • Language Identifier. Component that identifies languages used within any text (20 + languages)
  • Keywordgenerator. Component that reads through text files and generates keywords according to the weight the words have within this text. This component is used by our customers as a MS Word plugin to automatically create the search keywords one can use to find files in unstructured databases.
  • Indexgenerator. Component that is based around the KeywordGenerator, this application is able to read through several documents or directories and generates an index based on the keyword generated from the files found. Along with the index-phrases it makes references to the various files and the location of those files. All aspects are editable within the Swing GUI.
  • Document Converter. This application, based around third party software is mainly used as an addition to other applications provided by SmartHaven. It is capable of converting documents from various formats into plain text or XML.
  • Taxonomygenerator. By reading through files and directories this application generates keyphrases according to which it is able to generate a useful taxonomy. this taxonomy can than be used for the SmartHaven ClassificationEngine and other SmartHaven or third party applications.