October 2012 – C1000/Jumbo supermarkten

As a test coordinator at C1000/Jumbo supermarkten I am responsible for several projects ranging from load and performance testing of parts of the platforms such as the intranet, SAP – Locus integrations via Oracle ESB and Master Data migrations to coordinating the testing and implementing of new Microsoft Exchange 2010 servers and an entirely new VMWare ESX production platform enabling a sustainable growth for the future for Jumbo Supermarkten and preparing for the integration of the current C1000 supermarkets within the Jumbo organization.


May 2002 – November 2003 – Finalist IT Group

when: May 2002 – November 2003
role: Software tester

Main tasks at Finalist consisted of implementing Quality Control throughout the company and testing software built by Finalist for our clients.
Finalist is a JAVA/ J2EE company based in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam.


  • Vodafone Live! I was QA and Test lead for the Vodafone Live! project in The Netherlands. Testing the system consisted of low-level (server level) testing of the servers, middle level testing of the ER2 billing system and high level testing of the services and end-user functionalities. The environment is a multi-clustered multi-processor distributed server park involving BeaWeblogic, Oracle, Apache, IPlanet, J2EE, XML, JSP, Solaris, Windows, Mobile, LDAP, GPRS, HTTP, HTTPS, SSL. I was responsible in ensuring successful end-to-end testing and problem resolution support within this environment. The nightly builds and development quality process was initiated and managed by me.
  • TNT Post Group (TPG). I was responsible for testing the software we wrote for Netwerk VSP, daughter company of TPG. This software consists of a system for distributing commercial folders through Holland.