April 2011 – Ongoing – Polteq Test Services

Polteq is an independent provider of international testing services. Polteq professionals can fulfil the role of test engineer or test manager within your organisation. Furthermore Polteq is specialised in supporting organisations to improve their testing processes, test automation, managing test outsourcing and providing training sessions (including certification).

Polteq started in 2000 with the aim to provide high quality testing services.
Through its unbridled commitment and achievement at the highest level, Polteq has gained a leading position within its branch. Polteq sees the testing of information systems as a specialty, which is becoming more and more important every day and plays a crucial and central role in the delivery of good quality IT solutions. And this is becoming more challenging because of increasing complexity of these systems.

All the employees at Polteq chose this company to fully focus themselves on the testing craft in a small (approximately 100 professionals), flexible and informal company with an open working culture, where everyone is appreciated and respected. All colleagues know each other and this forms a unique bond of professionals. Testing and current company affairs are discussed regularly at informal meetings. Enjoyment at work is very important to us at Polteq.

To ensure the high quality of service, Polteq finds that continuous education for all its employees and the sharing of knowledge and experience are a must. Not only the development of testing methods and techniques are of importance but also the development of personal and communication skills.