Januari 2012 – April 2012 Swets-Zeitlinger

Swets has asked Polteq to create a proposal regarding the definition and implementation of an efficient End-to-End test process, that focuses on test automation and regression. This implies that (automated) testing of new functionality is not in scope, the goal is to create a (semi) continuous approach to verify that the systems continue to support the core business (processes).

The proposed solution needed to address a (lean and mean) approach covering tooling, a process focusing on maintaining and continuous improvement of the End-to-End Test as well as the Regression Test, the required skills (including training et cetera); in short: a mature End-to-End and Regression Test organization, SWETS as “director”, the (outsourced) test team as “actor”.

After having conducted a documentation and environment study a Proof of Concept was made to come to the right tooling. Since the preference for the websites was clear, Selenium, the focus of the PoC was directed to the Cobol back-end systemen. Two tools were selected to be used within the Proof of Concept: Jagacy and s3270.

Result of the proof of concept is an automation roadmap with the aim to roll out test automation across both the websites and the legacy systems

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