January 2017 – August 2017 – Performance Test Consultant at Fringe Company

Fringe Company creates and hosts several web applications for schools and its students. The use of these applications within the schools by both school staff, students and parents is increasing. This leads to increased load on application as well as database layers within their environment. In order to ensure the increased demands on the systems can be met, Fringe requested a combination of load and stress tests to be executed on their application stack.

My tasks within this project consisted of writing performance scripts for both load & performance testing as well as performance monitoring through CI tooling, as well as refining the performance requirements for the application.

The test scenarios I scripted in Jmeter and executed with self-hosted load generators on DigitalOcean cloud servers.

Based on the performance test report Fringe was able to adjust their scaling to ensure high performance and high availability for all their customers.

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