January 2017 – August 2017 – Performance Test Consultant at Fringe Company

Fringe Company creates and hosts several web applications for schools and its students. The use of these applications within the schools by both school staff, students and parents is increasing. This leads to increased load on application as well as database layers within their environment. In order to ensure the increased demands on the systems can be met, Fringe requested a combination of load and stress tests to be executed on their application stack.

My tasks within this project consisted of writing performance scripts for both load & performance testing as well as performance monitoring through CI tooling, as well as refining the performance requirements for the application.

The test scenarios I scripted in Jmeter and executed with self-hosted load generators on DigitalOcean cloud servers.

Based on the performance test report Fringe was able to adjust their scaling to ensure high performance and high availability for all their customers.

September 2016 – January 2017 – Penetration test consultant at Ezwim

Retesting several vulnerabilities found in a previously executed penetration test, in the EZWim system in order to ascertain that these vulnerabilities have been resolved sufficiently.

Executing a full penetration test of the EZWim platform, including the authorization model, in order to validate the secure development practices of the development teams.

December 2016 – June 2017 – Penetration test consultant at PostNL

PostNL created a mobile application for track & trace of packages for their business-customers. In order to ensure the security of the data of both customers as well as packages PostNL requested me execute a penetration test on the mobile app for both Android as well as IOS.

The scope of this test was limited to a grey-box penetration test of the apps themselves, and not of the services and API’s supporting the app.

March 2017 – April 2017 – Performance Consultant at Jumbo Supermarkten

I was asked to support one of the Jumbo Supermarkten development teams in creating and executing stress tests on an in-shop mobile application platform.

Load was generated through OctoPerf loadgenerators from Amazon AWS.

Based on the findings during these tests the development team was able to implement improvements, increasing the response times of the system as well as improving the overall performance and availability of the system.

August 2016 – March 2017 – Performance Consultant at PostNL

PostNL wants to ensure that all applications are well performing and stable, therefore they require all applications to go through performance tests.

The tests I have executed for PostNL include a few different, internally used applications. One of the applications was already in production and had several known performance issues. I was asked to pinpoint these issues and propose solutions or workarounds for these issues.

October 2015 – March 2017 – Performance test consultant at Ezwim

EZWim hosts a platform for mid- to large size companies enabling complete insight in their telecom expenses and linking these expenses directly and transparently to their employees. This platform is based on the Oracle Apex platform and built externally.

In order to accommodate their large scale customers EZWim requested me to build and execute performance tests at a cost and time efficient way, ensuring these tests can be repeated over time and across different versions of the platform.

Maart 2012 – April 2012 Consumentenbond

Consumentenbond is the association in the Netherlands representing the interests of all consumers. Their mission: to enable consumers making choices easier and better, with respect for both human and environment.

  • For Consumentenbond Martijn wrote a a test approach describing the test framework to be used within the Scrumteam, emphasizing a clear and unified way of testing, which tooling to use for testing and rolling out this approach within the Internet Techniek department of Consumentenbond.
  • Proposing a structured test automation approach to be used within the Scrum teams in the form of Test Driven Development.

Januari 2012 – April 2012 Swets-Zeitlinger

Swets has asked Polteq to create a proposal regarding the definition and implementation of an efficient End-to-End test process, that focuses on test automation and regression. This implies that (automated) testing of new functionality is not in scope, the goal is to create a (semi) continuous approach to verify that the systems continue to support the core business (processes).

The proposed solution needed to address a (lean and mean) approach covering tooling, a process focusing on maintaining and continuous improvement of the End-to-End Test as well as the Regression Test, the required skills (including training et cetera); in short: a mature End-to-End and Regression Test organization, SWETS as “director”, the (outsourced) test team as “actor”.

After having conducted a documentation and environment study a Proof of Concept was made to come to the right tooling. Since the preference for the websites was clear, Selenium, the focus of the PoC was directed to the Cobol back-end systemen. Two tools were selected to be used within the Proof of Concept: Jagacy and s3270.

Result of the proof of concept is an automation roadmap with the aim to roll out test automation across both the websites and the legacy systems